Hope Packs Help Ease the Burden

Yesterday Carrying Hope distributed 40 more Hope Packs to New Braunfels, which has seen an increase in the number of children coming into care over the past month, according to Jody Ramirez, DFPS/CPS New Braunfels caseworker assistant covering Comal and Guadalupe counties. “The cases have increased in the past month so the need is higher for necessities for these kiddos,” says Ramirez. “These Hope Packs are perfect—they help us greatly. A lot of our kids go to kinship placements so Hope Packs are a huge help with cutting the expenses of necessities right off the bat. Sometimes it’s not just one child being placed—they may be getting a sibling set of three or five kiddos. Many of these families have their own kids to care for and they take on additional children, and many are grandparents, so Hope Packs allow kinship families to be set with what they need from the very beginning, taking away that extra burden right away.”