Helping All Children

Did you know Carrying Hope distributes to all children in need? When The Refuge for DMST, a long-term, residential, therapeutic ranch for child survivors of sex trafficking, was in need of new summer clothing options for their residents, Carrying Hope was honored to donate 24 custom Hope Packs brimming with everything from new clothing and sleepwear to toiletries and comfort items. πŸŽ’πŸ’™πŸŽ’πŸ’™ “When a child survivor of sex trafficking arrives at The Refuge Ranch, she often has very few things,” says The Refuge for DMST‘s Kelly Coles. “It’s common for child sex traffickers to control their victims by taking away all their possessions, along with their sense of self. At the ranch, the first step in getting their own sense of agency again starts when they get to pick out their own bedroom. Healing begins with the ability to say, ‘This is my space.’ Thanks to the new backpacks full of summer clothing from Carrying Hope, the girls can also now say, ‘This is my stuff,’ as they carry their most treasured items with them between classes and therapy sessions, and wear their new summer clothing that reflects each girls’ individuality. The backpacks will really come in handy when field trips can resume as coronavirus restrictions lighten up in the future. Thank you for your generosity; it will make such a big difference in the lives of child survivors.”